LECET Trustees

Michigan Laborers-Employers Cooperation and Education Trust Fund Trustees:
Union Trustees:

Alex Zurek (Chair)
MI Laborers’ District Council

Robert Malcolm
Laborers’ Local Union 499

Arlandar Washington
Laborers’ Local Union 355

Brent Pilarski
Laborers’ Local Union 1076

Union Alternates:

Dennis Larimer
Laborers’ Local Union 1191

Jeff Perkins
Laborers’ Local Union 1075

Bill Bass
Laborers’ Local Union 1076

Geno Alessandrini
MI Laborers’ District Council

Employer Trustees:

Bart Carrigan (Secretary-Treasurer)

AGC of Michigan
Lansing, Michigan

Robert Coppersmith
Michigan Infrastructure Transportation Association

Mike Nystrom
Michigan Infrastructure & Trasportation Association

Scott Fisher
AGC of Michigan

Employer Alternates:


Lance Binoniemi
Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association

Douglas Needham
Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Association

Michael Smith
AGC of Michigan

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To leverage the skills and resources of Michigan Laborers and its union employers to build our state, and to work as a team to secure projects and jobs, increase union-sector market share, advertise their services, develop a workforce, and advance shared market-related interests. Together, Michigan LECET looks down the road, sees where the construction industry is going, then musters their resources to make the most of the future.