About Us

About Michigan LECET

Michigan LECET partners with its union signatory contractors on issues that impact Michigan’s construction industry, particularly those affecting labor and management’s delivery of safe, high quality, on-time, and on-budget projects. By partnering with our customers, we push the productivity envelope and deliver the highest value projects for the customer.

Michigan LECET has a number of tools at its finger tips, such as

  • Michigan Laborers’ Training & Apprenticeship Institute.
  • Prevailing Wage Compliance to assure a level and fair playing field for our signatory contractors as well as Market and Business Development services. Michigan LECET is able to work with owner to assist them in establishing and implementing Responsible Contractor Policies.
  • Laborers’ Tri-Fund, consisting of the National LECET, the Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund, and the Laborers’ / AGC Training Fund.
  • Cooperation Trust Tracking System (CTTS), tracks tens of thousands of construction projects and is available to all of the Laborers’ signatory contractors. Michigan LECET exhibits at many trade shows promoting union construction to a wide range of project owners.

A Message to Open Shop Contractors

We’re not here to give you a hard time. Whether you work union only in some areas, operate double breasted, or are exclusively open shop, we see you as a prospective client. Why? We believe our partnership business model will enable you to achieve greater productivity and profitability. We think you will understand when you take a serious look at what we offer our signatory contractors. Join with us and we will help you research new markets, enhance your competitiveness, develop new business, win projects and strengthen your bottom line. We can partner with you through marketing support, promotion, networking and a “Can Do” attitude.

We will provide you with the best-trained, highest-skilled construction craft Laborers and a commitment to safety, training, quality, and productivity that is second to none. From our experience, these things add up to value, profit, and competitiveness for project owners.

To leverage the skills and resources of Michigan Laborers and its union employers to build our state, and to work as a team to secure projects and jobs, increase union-sector market share, advertise their services, develop a workforce, and advance shared market-related interests. Together, Michigan LECET looks down the road, sees where the construction industry is going, then musters their resources to make the most of the future.